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Chief Executive Officer

With decades of experience in the US in advanced development at world-renowned innovation and technology companies, Mr. Ian Huang started his career at Westinghouse Research and Development Center, followed by Tektronix, Shugart Associates (a wholly owned subsidiary of Xerox), Zilog (a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon) and Digital Equipment Corporation. He was also Vice President of Engineering at Hughes Network Systems.

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Huang founded network company XNET Technology in Silicon Valley. As Chairman and CEO, he received institutional equity investments from JP Morgan, Citibank, DBS Bank, Jardine Fleming, Hong Leung Malaysia and Malaysia Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), and also got the company listed in NASDAQ four years later.

His list of technological innovations and achievements span across real-time operating system, multi-tasked operating system, multi-threaded I/O, semiconductor chipset design, CPU design and multi-media network protocol in the product forms of SCSI, UNIX-based computer, RISC, FDDI, ATM Switching Hub and Ethernet/VPN Switch.

Mr. Huang is also the inventor/ co-inventor of 6 US patents (pending), 2 China patents (pending) and 2 European Union patents (pending), all blockchain-focused.