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ParallelChain Mainnet

Breakthrough layer-1 smart contract platform with a unique delegated-proof-of-stake system designed to power an accountable, democratic, ever-growing blockchain ecosystem - ParallelChain is infinity.
The ParallelChain Ecosystem

A Public + Private Blockchain Ecosystem with Real World Scalability and Accountability

Your Ticket to the ParallelChain® Ecosystem

The XPLL Token


Use XPLL to pay for transaction fees on ParallelChain®

green iguana

Stake XPLL to run a validator node or delegate to earn block rewards

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Help govern the network and vote on proposals that shape the future of ParallelChain®

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Burn XPLL in exchange for ParallelChain® software licenses

On-Chain Governance and Consensus

Node operation on ParallelChain® Mainnet

Reward Cap







Not Required

ParallelChain Testnet

ParallelChain is and will be constantly implementing new functionalities and features.

To make those new implementations successful, they must first be battle-tested. This is where the work of the testnet begins. ParallelChain will have 4 Testnets before the Mainnet launch, they allow developers, or simply users, to develop and run smart contracts on ParallelChain and experiment the blockchain, at no cost.

Enter the Testnet and become the building blocks for the future of ParallelChain.

Testnet 2


ParallelChain Testnet 2 brings dramatic improvements that significantly enhance both visible user experiences, and deep system performance, maintainability, and reliability.These improvements fall along three broad themes:Smart Contracts: we redesigned the ParallelChain F Smart Contract SDK from the ground up with a singular goal: to make writing Smart Contracts as approachable as modern front-end development. In Testnet 2's contract programming model, Contracts appear as plain, idiomatic Rust structures that implement action and view methods. New macros in the SDK automatically transform idiomatic contract source code into more complex, lower-level code; all without additional programmer input. This means cleaner code, and happier programmers.REST API: the humble REST API has become the de facto 'glue' of the Web, so every internet-scale system has to have a good REST API as a matter of necessity. ParallelChain F is no exception. The ParallelChain F REST API has been expanded to support a much more diverse set of queries. More diverse not only in the variety of information you can get from the blockchain, but also in the configurability of queries. It also now returns results in JSON, making it much easier for your Web application to consume blockchain data.Explorer: for Testnet 2, ParallelChain Explorer gets a total makeover, with a color palette evoking ParallelWallet, another of ParallelChain Lab's products.Besides those that are part of these 3 major themes, Testnet 2 brings many more changes both on the outside, and under the hood. We will be sharing you many of these new features in the weeks to come. In the meanwhile, enjoy Testnet 2.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to stake at least 500,000 XPLL to run a node.

Several rounds were completed throughout 2021. We are now in the Node Round, where allocation is given to node operators. There's a button at the top of this page to register for the Node Round.

250,000,000 tokens are created at genesis, the presale supply is limited to no more than half of that.

Follow the official Twitter and Telegram channels of ParallelChain and watch out for future events, you might even get some XPLL for free!

If you can't find the answers from the Litepaper and Whitepapers, drop us a message on Telegram ( or email us at