Digital Transaction Limited

Channels & Partners

Global Partners

As a certified business partner of IBM, Digital Transaction is now able to provide IBM customers access to its high-performing ParallelChain® blockchain technology, accelerating their digital growth and up-armoring their robust industry solutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud computing, cybersecurity and digital transformation.

Digital China

Digital China is a leading provider of cloud services and digital solutions for enterprises in China. This partnership sees the integration and deployment of Digital Transaction's high-performance blockchain technology into Digital China's robust IT solutions to accelerate China's digital transformation framework.

Digital China

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a top cloud service provider with millions of customers across all industries. As a certified ISV partner, Digital Transaction can leverage AWS' services to expand its business globally, offering customers around the world the option to run ParallelChain®-based solutions seamlessly on AWS cloud.


Paywiser is a leading payment solutions FinTech firm with offices in Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom, providing PaaS and OEM solutions in their acquiring and issuing operations. Since 2021, Paywiser has launched its debit card business, where its KYC verification process is currently operated by Digital Transaction's ParallelChain® and eKYC-Chain.


The NEXUS WorldBook™ is the world’s first crypto liquidity ecosystem committed to create a universal liquidity standard for digital assets. In joint effort, the blockchain and A.I. technology of ParallelChain will accelerate institutional adoption of digital assets by enhancing the stability, accountability and privacy protection of the ecosystem.

Digital Assets

Digital Assets Group is a venture capital company with offices in the United Kingdom and Poland. Founded in 2017, Digital Assets comprises a team of trusted and experienced team of investors. Beyond early-stage capital investments, it offers professional services in graphic design, network testing and product management guidance.

ESIX network

ESIX Network is a Chinese company that offers decentralized cloud storage solutions to tackle issues such as high energy consumption and problems with bandwidth sharing. It aims to achieve green cloud computing by utilizing edge-computing, cellular neural network, and cloud–network integration.

Titanium Technologies

Titanium Technologies is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Their product, Securer, is tailored for start-ups, investors and accelerators ecosystems. Our cooperation combines the high-performance ParallelChain® with FutureBlock, providing access to a wide network of business development and investment opportunities.


Trivver, headquartered in California, is a leader in the Extended Reality (XR) space. Their technology combines real and virtual environments by deploying their multi-patented digital 3D Smart Objects (aka Digital Twins) onto virtual reality platforms. Users can interact with their 3D Smart Objects in a virtual environment. The arrayed Objects continuously stream back valuable data such as viewability analytics and performance data, etc.

Hong Kong Partners
ESIX network

GS1 Hong Kong's RFID-based Cold Chain Solution is an effective and reliable tool to help monitoring the cold chain to optimise logistics management. The GS1 System of Standards is the world’s most widely used supply chain standards, allowing the efficient and secure movement of products, services, and information between companies and facilitating the interoperability between different business systems.


Motherapp is a Hong Kong based company that offers smart environment, customer engagement and digital consulting. The firm develops smart applications that engage customers and improve operations. With teams in Hong Kong, Ningbo and California, Motherapp brings a uniquely caring approach to creating value with proven and emerging technology.

Media & Marketing Partners
Avalon Wealth Club

CoinCodex is an aggregator and the largest tracking tool for cryptocurrency market information. They provide real-time price data tracking as well as watchlist and portfolio features to help users stay up-to-date on important cryptocurrency and blockchain developments.

Asia Token Fund

Asia Token Fund provides the latest updates on news, market analysis, ratings, and insights on the global blockchain landscape and cryptocurrency. They are the media and news arm of the ATF platform, a global platform and ecosystem that aims to drive mass adoption of digital currencies for new-to-market users.

Avalon Wealth Club

Avalon Wealth Club is a dynamic group of marketing experts and blockchain veterans who are constantly on the lookout for the most innovative and promising projects in the crypto space. They are keen to assist projects by providing the funds, experience and expertise needed to take them to the next level.


Founded in 2020, BitCourier is the first UK-focused crypto community and media website. It covers a wide range of news on blockchain technology adoption, crypto-asset regulations and emerging financial technology trends across the United Kingdom and globally. BitCourier also publishes beginner guides and product reviews that help newcomers navigate the cryptocurrency market.

Block Tides

Block Tides is an event services and marketing agency based in Manila, Philippines. Since 2015, they provide a host of services including blockchain advisory, digital, outsourcing, social media and business management to companies based in Asia Pacific, including China, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia.


CoinPedia is a leading independent digital media resource based in Los Angeles covering a wide range of news on blockchain technology, crypto assets and emerging FinTech trends. As a non-funded organization, CoinPedia's primary focus is to provide its readers with the latest, unbiased and carefully researched cryptocurrency news stories with a compelling narrative, increasing their readers' understanding of the centralized and decentralized web, and above all, help them make better decisions.


Cryptoknowmics, based in Mont Buxton in Seychelles, is a media portal that closely follows every aspect of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Apart from real-time crypto news, Cryptoknowmics feature airdrops, events, ICOs, CEOs, STOs, market fundamentals, tokens, coins, cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallets.


CryptoTicker is a Berlin-based cryptocurrency, blockchain and tech news platform comprised of an international team of experts dedicated to sharing their knowledge with the community. Their aim is to create an educated and informed decentralized world by delivering news, expert opinions, interviews, documentaries and announcements from all corners of the world.


E-Crypto News is a US-headquartered online publication developed to assist all cryptocurrency investors in developing profitable cryptocurrency portfolios through the provision of timely and much-needed information. They provide the latest articles on technology which may affect market currents and cryptocurrency prices.


Jumpstart Media is a platform that connects and supports Asia's entrepreneurial ecosystem through content, non-profit initiatives and corporate partnerships. Its print magazine Jumpstart is the largest English print publication in Asia Pacific that covers innovation and technology in the startup ecosystem, with circulation in over 39 cities across 11 countries.

Visionary Financial

Visionary Financial (VF) is an independent media and news organisation that started operations in late 2018. Aside from global news and PR coverage, VF focuses on industry research and analysis. They operate on social journalism, meaning they thrive on community involvement and contribution from companies in the digital asset space.