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Modernized Workflow Management System With

Provable Immutability

ApprovalChain is a web+mobile blockchain system built upon the ParallelChain™ platform for workflow streamlining, provenance tracking and approval transparency. With full compliance to the GDPR privacy ordinance, this unique system incorporates real-time image processing, millisecond anti-spoofing facial detection and time stamp generation to authenticate the movement of goods and ensure real-time visibility and integrity along the supply chain network.




Millisecond anti-spoofing facial recognition

Transactions are only approved upon facial recognitions, increasing workplace accountability

Provenance tracking

Keeps track of the “who” and “where” for each piece of data’s point of origin
Image processing

Real-time image processing

Real-time images of procurement stages are captured to ensure each evaluation is conducted professionally

Time stamp submission

Verifies that a document existed at a particular date and time
Smart contracts

User-programmable smart contracts

Users are granted the authority to compile and programme smart contracts for transaction efficiency

GPS location

Identify the exact address and coordinates of users at each transaction point

Offline operation mode

Support remote on-site inspection, especially at locations without Internet connection
Permission control

User permission control

Authorization is only given to users with appropriate access to confidential business information
Immutable records

Immutable records

Transaction records are stored permanently on the blockchain and cannot be tampered with