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ParallelChain Mainnet

Faster than the fastest, ParallelChain Mainnet is a layer-1 public blockchain capable of processing 80,000 transactions per second at a negligible fee, the blockchain finale for decentralized applications.




transactions per second



ParallelChain Private

120,000 transactions per second. 3 millisecond confirmation time. Business-built features. ParallelChain Private is the most powerful commercial blockchain for permissioned applications.


transactions per second

3 millisecond

confirmation time



Public-Private Interoperability

ParallelChain is a scalable blockchain ecosystem of two layer-1 platforms: the public Mainnet and Private networks. All networks are interoperable at the protocol level through a secure and private channel called Inter-ParallelChain Communication (IPC).

IPC serves two purposes in ParallelChain.

It provides an interface between the metaverse and the real world by enabling applications to operate across public and private layers.

Second, it allows networks on the private layer to piggyback on the Mainnet's consensus and enjoy stronger security while preserving their privacy and autonomy. Another feature in this IPC-powered consensus is Inter-ParallelChain Proof-of-Immutability (IPPoIM) - an auditing function designed to remove the trust barrier between members of a private network by enabling them to verify the network's tamper-proofness without accessing on-chain data.

ParallelChain Mainnet Use Cases



With WASM and EVM compatibility, ParallelChain powers the most competitive NFT platforms where users can mint and trade all kinds of NFT at an ultra-low fee.


Run simple or advanced games without lag – ParallelChain is a high performance smart contract platform designed to process complex logics and GameFi tokenomics.


ParallelChain provides flexible smart contract deployment to support different types of DEX protocol, whether it is AMM or orderbook-based.
Other Applications

Other Applications

Faster, cheaper, stronger. ParallelChain brings the wildest DeFi concepts to life, the scope of use case is only limited by your imagination.

ParallelChain Private Layer-2 Solutions

Data Leak

Company Data Leak Prevention

Protect company data from malicious insiders with AI-powered features and perpetual anti-spoofing face recognition - all captured data is tamper-proof and persisted in the blockchain

Tokenized Products & Loyalty Program

Integrate digital token into your business model and reward loyal customers with NFTs or branded tokens that have real value - all powered by ParallelChain Private.

Provenance & Anti-Counterfeit

Custom supply chain solutions integrated with anti-spoofing facial recognition, providing enhanced supply chain visibility and traceability with immutable, verifiable, accountable blockchain data.
Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Project Management

A smart contract-based, self-executing solution that streamlines workflows, with privacy and accountability features designed for multi-party cooperation system, such as supply chain and Construction BIM.

AI-Powered KYC & AML RegTech Suite

Comprehensive RegTech solutions suite with biometric-driven KYC, machine learning-based AML, and patent-pending blockchain feature that helps businesses comply with global data privacy standards.

Blockchain Done Right

What the Legends are Saying

"ParallelChain Lab saw the insufficiencies of past-generation blockchains, and designed a network from the ground up with an impressive transaction speed and unlimited scalability."
Dr. Radia Perlman

Mother of the Internet

US National Inventor Hall of Fame 2016

US Academy of Engineering 2015

Internet Hall of Fame 2014

PhD, Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Why ParallelChain Lab

Positioned to Disrupt

ParallelChain is a base-layer technology infrastructure invented to take blockchain out of the garage and thrust it into the mainstream.
With record-breaking scalability and high speeds, seamless public-private integration and an architecture that focuses on user privacy and accountability - ParallelChain creates a global-scale blockchain ecosystem designed for the real world.
Parallel Chain Team

Built by a Team with Proven Excellence